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Main Idea

The project is conceived to help traditional language teachers, used to give presence courses, to adapt themselves to the new way of teaching and learning resulting from the electronic courses. The teacher would learn how to design and adapt the contents and structure of the course without the need of an IT assistant. The system would not only help in the preparation of electronic classes but it could also be used as a tool for the design of presence and mixed courses.


In order to carry out the project it has been selected a manifold partnership coming from different types of institutions from nine European countries. The variety of institutions is meant to enrich the project with different focuses and points of view on how learning and teaching are understood in public, non-profit and private institutions. All the partners share their interest in improving methodologies, seeking for quality and facilitate the access of the general public to the new technologies applied to learning.


In order to attain its aims, the project is designed according to the following steps:

  • Training the trainer course : needs assessment (you can check it in this site, main menu) and designing of the methodology according to the needs detected. The teachers will have a special module training them in creative design through the use of the new technologies. The course will be available in a manual in all the different languages of the partnership.
  • Classification and evaluation of the multimedia tools : this part will seek the classification of the Internet tools according to its quality and characteristics.
  • Design of the main product: the Internet portal of free use.
  • Implementation and testing of the product .
  • Dissemination of the product into a more international level in order to improve its quality and materials. Since the beginning the product is envisaged to become bigger and to last in time

The main product: THE INTERNET PORTAL

Once the products are studied and classified it would be designed the main tool for the trainer: the Portal. This product is envisaged as a one-stop shop where the language trainers will find the most innovative tools and resources in their hands in order to design their classes as well as to be trained themselves.

The portal will be of free use and it could be found in nine different European languages at the beginning, but it is envisaged to become bigger through the contribution of more European partners. It will also integrate:

  • European Forum for language teaching content designers.
  • International Manual and course on Training of the trainer on new technologies for teaching languages. Both will be in 11 different languages with an approximate length of 200 hours. The course will be available for any user y will require standard software.
  • European network of language teaching centres that is meant to become bigger and to continue with new projects in common.




This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and theCommission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.